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@amabel. I stand by my opinion that Diana was an unwitting tool for Republicans who tried to bring down the monarchy. I do not for one single second imagine that Morton, Bashir or Anthony Holden are monarchists. I have just been reading some of the pieces by Holden about Charles. They are bitter, mean-spirited, blatantly partisan and incredibly republican.  A royal princess who had insight should have stayed well away from such people. Instead in her desire for revenge, she was setting the very inheritance of her children up to fail. She gave them ammunition to try and destroy the monarchy. It is a testament to the strength of the monarchy and the will of the British people that the Windsors survived the republican assaults on them. It is no thanks to Diana who had become a fifth columnist in the family.

Well the results of her handy work are beginning to come out. Expect a "Harry, His True Story" project to come out soon.
well she did have  a connextion with it.  but I agree that I don't think it was special to her. I don't think that she was mad about any "country home" per se, if she loved Wood farm it was because it was a part of her childhood and probably where she was happy before her paretns split up.
Prince Harry / Re: Prince Harry: No royal wants to be king or queen
« Last post by amabel on Today at 12:59:13 PM »
I'm sure the queen wasnt' too happy at becoming queen, so young. OK she would not say anyting in public because she is naturally very reserved and in any case in her day royals didn't talk to the press much.  but she was a young woman, had just been able to spend time with her husband living quietlyi I n Malta, like a "Normal person" and she had to give that up.  I don't know why you keep going on  about "conspirign with republcians" etc.  yes Di's behaviour was bad for the monarchy but it resulted form her very unhappy marriage.  it was an unsual situation.  And if "republicans" do win and the monarchy is ended, well so what? It has had a long history, in its way in the last 100 years it has served Britain well, and it may have had its day.
If they know that from birth then they should stop troubling us with their complaints about not wanting the job. It is very disrespectful if someone offers a job and then you tell them that you don't want it but will just do it anyway. William and Harry are not doing anyone any favors by being in the line of succession. If they find the luxury and prestige too demanding, they can buzz off and someone else will take over. I bet Jeremy Corbyn and his ilk are salivating over this kind of media rubbish that Harry is pushing. Why? Only Harry knows why? They have not quite understood what the media can do to you if you try to get too close to it.

I can already see the signs of the new panorama and Morton hovering if they continue like this. Already Harry has dropped hints that they should not have made him walk behind his mother's coffin. Oh those insensitive Windsors for giving the children a chance to say a final goodbye to their mother...tsk tsk. Then you have the self-aggrandizement about modernizing an institution that is older than him by a millennium. Once again the Spencer gene is at work. That family does really believe they are more royal than the royals (a stupid statement if there ever was one)

Harry is a very, very small part of the institution of monarchy. If he thinks he can single-handedly reform it then he has lots of trouble ahead. It is also disrespectful to his grandmother who has held the act together for 70 years despite members of her own family who were conspiring with republicans to bring it down.  By contrast Harry and William have virtually no experience of doing serious public work. William's speeches in particular are extraordinarily bad.

Elizabeth I, Elizabeth II and Queen Victoria were below 30 when they inherited the crown. I can never, ever imagine any of them ever saying they did not want to do the job. It seems the royals are getting more incompetent as time goes on. We might end up in an extended therapy session for royals if they continue like this.
Diana Princess of Wales / Re: People loved her for herself
« Last post by amabel on Today at 12:23:10 PM »
True, I think that her various coaches DID give her an ability to project, and to overcome her "shy" personality and to come across as confident in her speaking.
Prince Harry / Re: Prince Harry: No royal wants to be king or queen
« Last post by amabel on Today at 12:16:04 PM »
nonsnense. Marie Christine is a mile down the list and no one wants "line hopping." the rule is that its William and his kids.  They know that from birth so while they problaby do find it stressful, they expect it. and would probably be unhappy if some circumstance deprived them of it..
It would be an interesting tour in an historical perspective and I'm sure the Earl and his wife need to keep Althorp in the public mind for financial reasons. However, I wish the inferences would cease that Althorp was Diana's childhood home. It wasn't. Wood Farm on the Sandringham estate was. Johnnie Spencer inherited the earldom in 1975 when Diana was a fourteen year old schoolgirl. It was said that she would sometimes go near Wood Farm later and indulge her nostalgia for it.

It's never been stated that she had any love for Althorp. Until she was fourteen it was the home of her chilly and forbidding grandfather, who didn't get on very well with his son. None of the siblings went into paroxysms of joy at the thought of living there, and within four years most of them were gone, Diana to a cosy flat in London.

So I hope the image isn't promoted of a little Diana skipping merrily through the woods of the Althorp estate, her pet hamster from school tucked into her blouse and her pigtails swinging in the breeze. Not true!
Prince Harry / Re: Prince Harry: No royal wants to be king or queen
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Prince Harry Reveals He ‘Wanted Out’ of the Royal Family
Prince Harry Reveals He ?Wanted Out? of the Royal Family - Us Weekly

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Prince Harry: I almost abandoned Royal duties but stayed because of the Queen
Prince Harry: I almost abandoned Royal duties but stayed because of the Queen

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Prince Harry reveals he ‘wanted out’ of the Royal Family - but stayed because of the Queen
Prince Harry reveals he ?wanted out? of the Royal Family - but stayed because of the Queen | Royal | News |
^ You forget I think, that Hesse is in Germany and while the Tsar ruled Russia was in alliance with France and Britain against it. Russian blood had been spilt already against German troops and Nicholas was, if nothing else, completely and totally devoted to his country. Alix too had made herself a Russian, heart and soul. Personally, I think if some miracle had occurred and they had been offered sanctuary in any part of Germany they would have refused it, as would their older daughters.

That doesn't mean of course that they thought of Ernie as an enemy. He was a gentle and artistic man who would never have hurt anyone. Alix took his part 110% against his estranged wife, her cousin, when Ernie and Melita divorced. However, like most European royals, blood ties, even strong ones, meant little when their countries were at war.

And what of Ernie? Even if the Kaiser had allowed such a thing, would he acted against the will of the Hessian people? German soldiers had marched off to war against the Allies in Hesse as in everywhere else in Germany. Would their parents, sisters, other relatives have welcomed Nicky and family with hearts and flowers? Don't think so!

Even though Ernie had a very close and pleasant relationship with his Hessians, there could well have been consequences for him at this juncture of the war. You have to remember that 1917 saw US troops in the field for the first time, an effective blockade by the Royal Navy meant food and other supplies were becoming scarce, there were bread riots in some parts of Germany and within a year and a half the country suffered defeat. In 1919 all titles and royalty was abolished.

Personally I have always held that as soon as Kerensky made the decision for the Imperial Family to go to Siberia they were doomed. Nothing I've read lately has changed my opinion. Of course Ernie tried his hardest to help get his sister and her family out of Russia. So did Alfonzo of neutral Spain and the Scandi monarchies like Norway and Denmark. Even the Kaiser was amenable to transporting them across Germany to somewhere neutral. Princess Margreit of Sweden (the daughter of Prince Arthur of Connaught) acted as a 'postman' for relatives on both sides, and no doubt the predicament of Nicky and family came up often in correspondence.

King George V dithered too long in deciding how the evacuation of the family was to be performed and by the time he decided against doing so, it was too late anyway. The at least partly reasonably Kerensky government had fallen and more bloodthirsty elements of the Bolshevik rabble had the family in their hands. The time to get the family out was not when they were being held in remote Ekaterinberg but just after the Tsar abdicated on behalf of himself and son.
Prince Harry / Re: Prince Harry: No royal wants to be king or queen
« Last post by TLLK on Today at 08:17:39 AM »
Yes, TLLK, I've had my eye on George for some time.

The plotter needs to be banished!!! :P Definitely shifty eyed in this photo. Don't be taken in by the smile.
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