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Beautiful dress ... I can't believe this Day has come but let me say it ... Kate has better hair than Megan and it's even better since she cut the length a while ago ... it shouldn't be difficult for her to be the Di of the situation since she looks 100 times better that Megan especially when she tries ...
imo meghan dresses (exception being when she was at polo and harry's friend wedding) 1000x better than kate... she has never dressed like a old woman which kate often does IMO
Residences & Architecture / Re: Christmas at the Grand Ducal Court
« Last post by TLLK on Today at 10:59:25 PM »
The photos are stunning!!
If there is enough time between the wedding which will likely be in the late morning and an early reception, then it would be possible to get William to the final. I'd betting on there being a later party for the younger members of the family, Harry and Meghan's friends and guests would likely take place after the final anyhow.  (Guests who are football fans would want to catch the action. Can you imagine telling Peter Phillips and Mike Tindall that they'd have to skip the match??? :xmas1:)
^^^We know that Kate is reusing some of the outfits that she wore when pregnant with Charlotte as this pregnancy follows a similar timeline. Post-partum, I think she'll have something forgiving, attractive, but nothing that says "fashion risk" for leaving the hospital and Harry/Meghan's wedding.
Thanks for sharing the news @wannable!
Prince Harry / Re: Kind of early, but question on kids...
« Last post by Eri on Today at 10:00:05 PM »
^ Yes we we'll see ... personally I think if they won't keep the promise to Edward no way should Harry get a Dukedom ... that would be absurd ... I seriously can't see Harry get anything Edward didn't given how this wedding is being treated ...
^ I don't know about you but I saw more pictures of Kate handling the children than Pippa on Pippa's wedding ... anyways ... the weird thing was that Megan was pictured having a beauty treatment in London she for sure thought she was going to be photographed the next Day ... something weird went on there ... of course that might have been just Megan wanting people to know she was in London ...
Prince Harry / Re: Kind of early, but question on kids...
« Last post by Curryong on Today at 09:26:46 PM »
Well, we'll see on the wedding day won't we, Eri. As for no Dukedoms left, Harry is likely to get Sussex or Clarence or the Queen can do as Victoria did for her sons and give a new territorial title  if she wishes. And you know very well, or should by now, that Edward got an Earldom because he will inherit his father's Dukedom one day.

Some isolating,  :lol:  as Harry remains close to the Cambridges, has double dated with Eugenie and Jack and his family are paying for the wedding, as they did with the wedding of William and Kate!
I think it's unfortunate that just as Kate takes some risks fashion wise she always becomes pregnant ... she is forced into boring coats as a result ... I think the having babies is out of the way so we should see interesting developments on that front ... Kate is very pretty she just needs to stop being so save all the time with fear to be criticized ...
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