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Why get personal with Sandy? You have already ask the Admins to do that. Personally I don't see why it is a problem.
Prince Harry / Re: Camilla offers to have a pre wedding chat with Meghan
« Last post by Kritter on Today at 08:10:10 AM »
I highly doubt Camilla is trying to impart helpful advise to Meghan but more or less engage her into unknowingly into revealing vulnerabilities for further for her to exploit as she did with Diana and to a degree Kate. Camilla is all about self preservation and will leak any weakness she can find to save herself.

Yes & that is what she did with Kate & then kicked her out of Clarence House. She said there just wasn't room for one more but Kate shared a room with William & C&C have three bedrooms between the two of them. Camilla found out Kate wouldn't play her game & no longer wanted her around.

Step Mother is a substitute Mother & Camilla has never been allowed by William or Harry to Mother them. William was grown before she was even allowed to meet him & that was a set up. If she wasn't their Dad's wife they would not tolerate her. If Charles goes before Camilla she is going to find herself on the outs from all the royals.
Prince Harry / Re: Camilla offers to have a pre wedding chat with Meghan
« Last post by TLLK on Today at 08:08:47 AM »
By all means @sandy call Camilla a stepmother-in-law.   :thumbsup:I'll call Camilla a mother-in-law just like my dad did with my mom's stepmother. :thumbsup: It's all good.  :)
Hey sandy, can you have your footer pics updated or removed, theyve been blank for months and theyre really huge, takes up a lot of the page just to show that the third party hosting has removed the picture with photobucket, thanks :flower:
Something was done with her eyebrows.
Something really screwed with her face. It could just be the clown make up though.
She is not really glowing. she's in the late stages of a pregnancy and there is some fatigue.
Kate made such a large PR mistake that I think within a week or two there will be new photos of George & Charlotte.   :nod:

W&K were spotted in Verbiers after Norway & everyone wondered why Kate went since she can't ski right now. She looks like she was getting Botox or some plastic procedure.   :unsure:
Prince Harry / Re: Camilla offers to have a pre wedding chat with Meghan
« Last post by sandy on Today at 07:50:41 AM »
Technically she is the step mother in law. I think it is disrespectful to Diana and the boys' memory of her to have Camilla named that. Supposedly, Camilla's selling point was not trying to mother the boys or replace their mother. I doubt she thinks of herself as the "replacement' mother in law. It is sticky since she loathed Diana. She did not raise those boys. The boys adored their mother and Kate herself spoke of Diana as her mother in law. It's what the family thinks that matters.
The protection officers wouldnt know everything that other staff would know, they usually stay outside their principals room, having both active and area protection, so they wouldnt hear every word, read every letter, fax, etc.

Wharf was looong gone by the time there were the phone calls that severed D&F relationship.

I've no doubt Burell embellishes but I think its also just as foolish to throw out everything he says.
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