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Diana Princess of Wales / Re: Diana & Charles' Courtship
« Last post by royalanthropologist on Today at 01:13:51 PM »
I am going to say something outrageously corny but I believe that love conquers all. If you really love someone, a lack of mutual interests can be overcome. In this case that essential ingredient was missing. At best it was mutual affection and perhaps some affinity but never love.
I totally get it @Duch_Luver_4ever. Yes a Dynasty show down would be in order especially after that confrontation at Anabel's birthday party but sadly both women were too controlled to do that. I also think Camilla would have been out of the door if she ever engaged in a slinging match. Charles doesn't strike me as someone that can take the drama, although he can dish it out.

As for surviving stairs, your mum did have some strong constitution. I dread to think whether I would even be able to get up after that. I would just collapse into one hot mess. LOL :hehe:

QM lived in another age, literally. I think Charles learnt a lot from her, maybe even too much. He seems to be stuck in the Edwardian age.
Diana Princess of Wales / Re: Diana & Charles' Courtship
« Last post by Duch_Luver_4ever on Today at 11:05:37 AM »
I think the subject of their common interests can be used by either side to try and prove their case. Theres enough to be able to say they had at least something in common, but I do have to agree with amabel (shiver) that their interests were so apart from each other that it was an uphill battle (made worse by charles trying to keep his bachelor life and failing to realize that a few years spent helping his wife get her feet under herself would have likely got him decades of peace).
Well lots to mention since ive been at work. The bin bags and stairs are two separate incidents the shove down the stairs in 89 at CS wedding, and the bin bags in 92 with johnny's death. I dont know why some seem to refuse to believe falling/pushing and stairs connected with Diana's life, but it was confirmed by Diana herself and others who were there.

A fall down the stairs does not equal automatic hospitalization, I saw my mum fall down a whole flight of stairs and just be bruised, as was the case with Raine and Diana when they went down a flight of stairs.

True, Raine and Diana made up towards the end of her life, and it surely wasnt the best behavior to be sure, but my gallows humor does get a kick out of imagining  a replay, but im sure Camillas clothes will be un bin bagged and stairs will go one at a time, given her brittle skeleton, even I wouldnt want to see her put through that. Although back in the day it would have been a hoot to see Diana and Camilla go toe to toe like Joan Collins and Linda Evans did on Dynasty :lol: :teehee: :lol:

That article about the QM is just shocking, even the most ardent tory could be turned into an ardent liberal after reading that. Also it piled more on the legacy of failure for HM, luckily the brits are such compliant towards their royals otherwise stuff like that should have had ppl out for blood (or at least their hard earned tax money back). Just disgraceful of the QM (and her enablers, HM and PoW) as it had not just a financial but a health impact on people that were responsible to try and keep the ship afloat.

Puts Charles's comment to Diana about more shopping on the Gulf tour in a whole new light.  :windsor:

The Middleton Family / Re: General chat about the Middletons - Part 2
« Last post by Curryong on Today at 07:27:48 AM »
Planning permission was sought soon after the Middletons bought Bucklebury Manor for an outbuilding containing a flat, garage, workshop and storage space. The flat may be for live in staff. However it's more likely that it's used by RPOs when they aren't in the actual house.
Lady Diana mixed up Charles' names. He had so many names.   
Charles and Diana exchange vows - YouTube
@Curryong, You mentioned the Sovereign Grant. What is the Sovereign Grant?
I think that in the IMO unlikely scenario that Camilla will outlive Charles that she will live at Raymill and have rooms at BP for when she is in London. It's unlikely in my view that a women who would probably be in her eighties would require a huge house in London.

Of course the QM did, but then she lived in grand Edwardian style on 630,000 a year, had five homes and reputedly left more than 7 million in debts. The Queen and Charles subsidised her, something unlikely to happen with William and George I think.

The Empress of Extravagance: How the Queen Mother left behind more than 7m in debts | Daily Mail Online
The article referred to the abbey at Moot Hill as the original home of the Stone of Destiny. Is the Stone of Destiny the Stone of Scone?
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