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I hope Meghan does inherit some of the gold pieces, TLLK, as otherwise I fear there will be very slim pickings for her. I've just got a feeling that probably a lot was sold. The fashion is long past for pearl chokers and the like, a pity as I like them, but the diamonds and coloured stones could be fashioned into some new pieces, if Diana's private jewellery has been left intact. There is a lovely topaz dress ring I believe, that Meghan might like.
There still remains the Art Deco Greville emeralds from Charles too. Something was the source of Harry's engagement ring side diamonds so it is possible that those good sized stones came from a piece that has been dismantled. TBH Meghan seems to be a rather minimalist jewelry wearer, so some of Diana's 90's pieces might not be her taste. Also I have to wonder if the blue tones that Diana preferred would be flattering on Meghan. The two women have very different coloring.   Meghan's birthstone is periodot so  Harry might opt to fashion a set for her using gold from Diana's older jewelry.

Now as long as Harry does not go all Union Jack or Stars and Stripes with jewelry for Meghan, I'd be okay with what they choose to create. Most of us remember this "unique" engagement ring created for Princess Marie of Denmark.   :unsure:
No one ever said you were joined at the hip.   :laugh10:

When man & woman were created man was made stronger but woman was made smarter. Constant protestations only means one thing from a child or a man.

TLLK knows certain things but not all things that is why she posted the article & said she got the info from there.
Fashion and Style / Re: Dresses of the Centuries
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The Met
‏Verified account @metmuseum

Fashion designer Cristobal #Balenciaga was born on this day in 1895. Keenly historicist, Balenciaga invented a fantasy of eighteenth-century court dress, knowing that Marie-Antoinette favored overdresses with swags anchored by roses.
Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie of York / Re: Eugenie Is Engaged
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Cele|bitchy | Princess Eugenie is engaged to her long-time boyfriend Jack Brooksbank

I?m a bit surprised that Eugenie wanted a Windsor Castle wedding too? You would think that she would want a splashier London wedding, so she could get a carriage and all of that. Maybe that?s truly not her style though. As for Jack?he manages the London nightclub Mahiki, he?s friends with Prince Harry ? Harry is reportedly very close to both York princesses ? and he?s 31 years old. He?s well-educated and it?s clear he runs in the same posh/aristo/moneyed circles as the royals. His dream is apparently to open up his own nightclub chain. We?ll see.

Also: they got engaged in Nicaragua?!?! I would love to know the backstory on that.
Who's wriggling??? report away...those are some real damning posts I made  :lol: :teehee: :lol: I just posted that one a few minutes ago, she may not be logged in, despite you thinking we're the same, im not joined at her hip.

She has the double earrings, but we havent seen her wear much else from that set, it could be that the RF via William gave those to her. @TLLK is a very knowledgeable source of all things royal, so I believe her where it comes to gifts from heads of state.
Another picture of the couple.

I've been to Nica, surfers paradise destination.  I wonder if Jack likes to surf.


The formal announcement from the Household of Buckingham Palace (her father belongs to the BP household, hence BP stationary)
The Royal Family on Twitter: "The Duke and Duchess of York are delighted to announce the engagement of Princess Eugenie to Mr. Jack Brooksbank.? "

Some great SCUBA there as well, esp around the Corn Island area  :partaay:
Meghan Markle and Prince Harry latest news as hen do details revealed | Royal | News |

During a trip to Cardiff last week, Ms Markle told a well-wisher she would "love" to have her hen do in the Welsh capital.

Royal superfan Anne Daley seized the opportunity to invite the bride-to-be for a tour of the local nightlife.

She said: "I asked her if she would like to come on a hen night around the nightspots of Cardiff, and she said she'd love to.

"It was overwhelming. She was so beautiful and kind."

I wonder if Harry forced the woman to say that.   :teehee:
^ Don't try to wiggle out of it since it has already been reported. Why doesn't RA come in & defend you anymore?  :teehee:

Since Kate has been seen wearing Diana's jewelry I guess William received the Saudi Jewels.
Thanks for the intel @TLLK and also thank you for this link Diana's Yellow Gold Earrings

As you probably know, im most fond of the pre engagement era, I think the simple jewellery looks best on her, I love earrings and especially the "D" necklace, and wished it would have stayed as it was, but I can understand maybe she felt it needed some sprucing up once she was a royal, and she made it a gold choker.

But the 10 ten was interesting as well, I liked the Spencer Tiara, anything with sapphires and the crescent set from Oman. Wasnt a fan of emeralds and rubies on her, seemed to clash with her skin tone.

Now onto other for the alleged "personal attacks" heres my previous posts

@TLLK  s posts were about the fact that gifts from foreign states are not property of the individual royals, so in that sense, once he is king, and then the loaning of them out falls to his decision.
Thanks for the info @TLLK guess its one of those many differences between normal ppl and royals in terms of customs. Its a shame they didnt go directly to the boys, while im sure they will have some access to them, its not the same as having them in ones own estate/possession and relying on the good grace of the family to loan them out.

Also once HM goes, one wonders if Charles will want these visual reminders of his first wife out on display?

Where is the personal attack on other posters thats supposedly required to be reported???? 
Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie of York / Re: Eugenie Is Engaged
« Last post by TLLK on Today at 09:17:11 PM »
They look so natural and  happy together! Congratulations to Jack and Eugenie! I wouldn't be surprised if photographer Andrew also releases some photos that were taken by him.
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