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I am not too sure they do select based on passive aggressive criteria. More like the wife of POW being a high profile member of BRF and being invited to engage in these charities. Plus, it is importnat to remember that many people are pragmatic about these things. They are not going to shun the current princess of wales because of her history with the previous one. To them it is about publicity and hopefully some fundraising. For the kids, it is a fun day out in a house that would otherwise be completely off limits for them.
Diana Princess of Wales / Re: A 'Lasting Tribute'
« Last post by Kritter on Today at 09:27:47 AM »
She just did all that royal "perfect role" that they all play.

Here is another good one.     :banana:

Here is Charles in his younger days    :polo:

Here is the statue again      :liberty:

That is why she did it for the child association & to remove memories but Camilla is good with children, dogs & horses.
Diana Princess of Wales / Re: A 'Lasting Tribute'
« Last post by royalanthropologist on Today at 09:19:21 AM »
Diana was not abused. Had she been "abused", she would never have said she wanted to remain married to her "abuser" when they told her that she had to divorce. It is simply preposterous to suggest that Diana was an abused wife. It makes a mockery of the entire abuse process and sets back the women's movement significantly. Nobody can take us seriously if we insist that Diana was an abused woman.

btw TLLK, I did think that Diana award was a good stepping stone. It is always good to give someone tangible to follow an award. Research into bulimia and other eating disorders might be a great idea as well. I personally had never heard about bulimia until Diana spoke about it. There was a hospice that named an award after Diana which I thought was rather touching given the fact that she was touching AIDS patients at a time when everybody (include me) was so frightened about the disease.
Diana Princess of Wales / Re: A 'Lasting Tribute'
« Last post by TLLK on Today at 09:12:43 AM »
Yes, a scholarship helps to inspire young people to do more for others and to engage in public works. I think she would have liked that. Rockefeller is long dead but his scholarships are still helping and inspiring many people across the world.
Exactly!!! :goodpost: @royalanthropologist -The Diana Award would be the perfect place to start by offering a scholarship. William, Kate and Meghan are university graduates and I believe that Diana would  like to have seen  more young people have the opportunity to attend a university or college. :snowflake:

More information on the Diana Award.
I certainly dont want to use ill children as a bone of contention, but this is kind of stepping into Diana's lanes (could just be me getting triggered a bit, but her joining in 2007 smacks a bit of trying to take Diana's mantle as her own a bit in the 10th anniversary hype of that year). I know they'd like a royal to be patron, but perhaps another one. :snowflake: :snowflake: :snowflake:
Diana Princess of Wales / Re: A 'Lasting Tribute'
« Last post by Kritter on Today at 09:06:54 AM »
^ You think women with money can't be abused.   :wacko:

Check these out they are good.    :monkey:    :monkey2:

Here is one of a statue      :liberty:
Diana Princess of Wales / Re: A 'Lasting Tribute'
« Last post by royalanthropologist on Today at 09:01:56 AM »
I really do think it is an appalling insult to real victims of abuse to use that word to describe one of the most privileged women in the world. It really is and shows the extent of hyperbole that makes this story so unreal. Diana accepted a proposal from a man she barely knew, knowing very well that he was in love with someone else. She desperately wanted to be princess of wales, despite her misgivings about the man. She always had the option of saying no to the proposal but she didn't because she wanted to be married to Charles. Even when he was long tired of her, she still insisted she wanted to remain married to her alleged "abuser". That marriage brought her incredible opportunities. To call her a victim is the height of exaggeration and mischaracterization.

There are many, many people who have suffered worse marriages and relationships when they were even younger than Diana. Not all of them ended up where she ended up. Diana was telling lies, making up stories and falling out with people before she ever met Charles. She confessed to slapping her own father and pushing her step mother down stairs.  She went after married men, harassing one of their wives and knowing how painful that can be. How all that is to do with Charles is beyond me. Charles was not the most important determinant of Diana's personality and it is really pathetic that everything that went wrong with her and her life is somehow laid at the feet of Charles. No wonder he got fed up of the whole thing.  Diana had a fragile insecure personality that is unable to handle rejection, a core competency for any adult. She would never ever have a mature relationship unless that aspect of her personality was addressed.

Once again, this is really about her memorial not a review of the war of the waleses.
Prince Harry / Re: May wedding. Windsor Castle
« Last post by Kritter on Today at 08:55:22 AM »
Archbishop of Canterbury 'to marry Meghan and Harry' | Daily Mail Online

The Archbishop of Canterbury is expected to marry Prince Harry and divorcee Meghan Markle.

In an interview on Radio 4?s Today programme yesterday, Justin Welby declined to say whether he would officiate at the service, saying only that it was ?up to them?.

But it is believed that he has, in fact, already agreed to marry the couple in St George?s Chapel at Windsor Castle in May.

It seems that everyone except W&K fans are putting some importance on this wedding.

The fact that the senior bishop and principal leader of the Church of England is happy to marry a couple, one of whom is divorced, shows how much has changed both for the church and the Royal Family in recent years.

The archbishop has long made it clear that he holds a liberal view on marriage, but his predecessor, Rowan Williams, refused to let Prince Charles and the-then Camilla Parker Bowles marry in church.
Diana Princess of Wales / Re: A 'Lasting Tribute'
« Last post by Kritter on Today at 08:41:01 AM »
I know it is a losing battle but I will try again: Diana was a teenager when she was abused & that brought about her adult reactions.
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