Author Topic: HM King and Queen wade the sea to watch horse fishers tradition back centuries  (Read 229 times)

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It's a good thing one brought wellies! King Philippe and Queen Mathilde wade into the sea to watch Belgium's horse fishers in action in tradition that dates back centuries
Queen Mathilde of Belgium watches horse fishers in action | Daily Mail Online

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Queen Mathilde and King Philippe visited Oostduinkerke
Queen Mathilde and King Philippe visited Oostduinkerke | NEWMYROYALS & HOLLYWOOD FASHION
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What an interesting if very unusual custom. I come from a Norfolk village on the North Sea coast myself, but the fishermen there confine themselves to boats! The horses used in Belgium seem to be a special breed. I wonder how they like the icy cold water? Although I think Queen Mathilde looks as stylish as one can be standing knee deep in sea water but perhaps another style of waterproof jacket might have been more practical.


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