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Diana Princess of Wales / Re: Diana & Charles' Courtship
« Last post by Curryong on Today at 12:43:36 PM »
Yes, but the fact that Charles always loved Camilla and never loved Diana, his wife (or at least not enough) shouldn't be carried like some badge of honour. He, Charles, proposed to Diana, presumably told her he loved her as engaged couples do. It was Charles, not some imposter or hologram who stood before God and the congregation at the altar at the Abbey (and he is a religious person) and swore to forsake all others until death do (you) part. Charles wasn't dragged to the Abbey in chains, physical or metaphysical.

Having done all that and sired two children with this young woman he had decided to leave, he surely had some sort of obligation, to his two young children if not to her whom he had vowed to honour and keep in sickness and in health, to try and make his marriage work. There could have been some attempt by consulting a counsellor or going into therapy before striding off into the sunset with nary a backward glance.

 (I won't say what I think about Camilla who seemingly absolutely rejoiced at coming between a married man and father and his family.)
Diana Princess of Wales / Re: Diana & Charles' Courtship
« Last post by royalanthropologist on Today at 11:51:59 AM »
@sandy. Someone that goes to therapy is someone obviously cares about their family and spouse so they try to make it work. If you don't really love your spouse, therapy is not a priority for you because you just want out.  Charles wanted out and no amount of therapy was going to make him change his mind or his ways. Any fault in his wife was exaggerated in his mind to show what a bad match she was. He used every problem she ever faced or had as further justification for his decision to return to Camilla. When Diana tried to win him back, he ridiculed her for it because that is not what he wanted. He wanted to be with Camilla and did just that at the first opportunity.  Like I said, without love; a lot of things were going to fail in that marriage.
Well lots to mention since ive been at work. The bin bags and stairs are two separate incidents the shove down the stairs in 89 at CS wedding, and the bin bags in 92 with johnny's death. I dont know why some seem to refuse to believe falling/pushing and stairs connected with Diana's life, but it was confirmed by Diana herself and others who were there.

A fall down the stairs does not equal automatic hospitalization, I saw my mum fall down a whole flight of stairs and just be bruised, as was the case with Raine and Diana when they went down a flight of stairs.

True, Raine and Diana made up towards the end of her life, and it surely wasnt the best behavior to be sure, but my gallows humor does get a kick out of imagining  a replay, but im sure Camillas clothes will be un bin bagged and stairs will go one at a time, given her brittle skeleton, even I wouldnt want to see her put through that. Although back in the day it would have been a hoot to see Diana and Camilla go toe to toe like Joan Collins and Linda Evans did on Dynasty :lol: :teehee: :lol:

That article about the QM is just shocking, even the most ardent tory could be turned into an ardent liberal after reading that. Also it piled more on the legacy of failure for HM, luckily the brits are such compliant towards their royals otherwise stuff like that should have had ppl out for blood (or at least their hard earned tax money back). Just disgraceful of the QM (and her enablers, HM and PoW) as it had not just a financial but a health impact on people that were responsible to try and keep the ship afloat.

Puts Charles's comment to Diana about more shopping on the Gulf tour in a whole new light.  :windsor:

According to Raine's personal assistant this was her recollection of Raine's condition after the pushing incident.
Raine's personal assistant Sue Howe recalled how she was covered in bruises, saying: 'She was badly bruised and dreadfully upset. It was not justified at all, it was a cruel heartless thing to do and I think it was Diana's perception of how Raine was treating Mrs Shand Kidd.

'I think Diana was very stressed. This sounds really wrong but she wasn't centre of attention on this occasion.'

Read more: Diana pushed her stepmother Raine Spencer down the stairs | Daily Mail Online
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For as long as George's parents want him to be there, I suppose, if he thrives there. After the new baby's born there will be a lot of Royal duties for the Cambridges, leading into a life as Prince and Princess of Wales.

It might not be possible, or convenient for them to have growing children at home at KP or Anmer while they are on tour or performing joint evening engagements. There's a limit IMO to how long children can be left to the supervision of staff (even Maria) or even grandparents during term times.

IMO that is more likely to impact on how old George and Char are when they go off to boarding school than their parents' personal preference. It's not much good taking the Wessexes as a template (Louise attends a day school near Windsor) simply because their future roles are going to be so different.
How many years will George be at Thomas's Battersea School?
The first proper state visits to England were those of the Emperor of Russia and the King of Saxony to London in 1814.   
The Allied sovereigns visit to England occurred in June 1814 to celebrate the peace following the defeat of France and abdication of Napoleon I in April 1814. Tsar Alexander I stayed with his sister, Grand Duchess Catherine, who was the Duchess of Oldenburg.
Diana Princess of Wales / Re: Diana & Charles' Courtship
« Last post by sandy on Today at 05:43:37 AM »
Charles had mentors who were Edwardian in their outlooks: His honorary Grandfather, Lord Mountbatten and the Queen Mum. Charles followed Mountbatten's advice almost to the letter. When his Granddaughter Amanda  turned him down Charles tried the same formula with Lady Diana. The Queen Mum spoiled and indulged Charles to the extent that it increased Charles sense of entitlement. If Charles had not started complaining to his friends about Diana's popularity (which caused them to slam Diana instead of encouraging Charles to work on his marriage) perhaps there would have been a better outcome. Charles should have stopped Contacting Mrs Parker Bowles which was a source of tension between him and Diana. Couples are not cookie cutter molds, they often have different outlooks. But the relationship works. I think an objective marriage counselor might have helped them out certainly more than Charles' friends.
Diana Princess of Wales / Re: Diana & Charles' Courtship
« Last post by TLLK on Today at 04:55:20 AM »
I am going to say something outrageously corny but I believe that love conquers all. If you really love someone, a lack of mutual interests can be overcome. In this case that essential ingredient was missing. At best it was mutual affection and perhaps some affinity but never love.
And to add to your comment @royalanthropologist there was obviously their love for their children, but even that was not going to be enough with Charles and Diana who had very different personalities. Charles is best described as an "old soul"and I found him to be almost "middle aged" while a teenager.  Diana on the other hand was entirely youthful and shared the interests and likes that most of her peers did as a twenty year old bride.
@sandy-Thank you for sharing this link. IMO this confirms what most of us have believed about QEII's hands on training that she personally provided to Prince William during his years at Eton College. It is similar to what George VI provided to his daughter then Princess Elizabeth.
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