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Yes, I should have worn a Scarlet Letter and never looked at another man, lol. That would be a bit difficult unless I went to live in Outer Mongolia or somewhere, as practically every westernised country in the world has high rates of divorce. I believe the UKs is almost 50%.
Now @Curryong  if you had a first wedding that means you are a has been & never should have been allowed the second one. J/K    :teehee:
I think Sarah will press her tiara on her daughter and Eugenie will be happy to wear it. Of course her mum did herself go up the aisle with a high coronet of flowers and came down it in the tiara that had been artfully hidden under the blooms. However, I'm not sure that flowers are in fashion for brides any more.

I myself had a couple of dozen tiny silk white flowers clipped into my long hair at my first wedding and it looked fine, but I can't see Eugenie or Meghan doing anything like that really. For quite a while I had dreams of Meghan doing something out of left field with an outstanding large brooch in her bridal updo, like Charlene had. However, all the talk now is of her wearing a tiara so I guess she will go the traditional route. Same with Eugenie.
Wedding dress ideas? Tiara or flowers?

Here is the York tiara worn by Sarah at her own wedding. The Royal Order of Sartorial Splendor: Tiara Thursday: The York Diamond Tiara
I know nuffink TLLK, compared to your encyclopedic knowledge of the European royals. However, this may be of some interest.

Norway shooting: Princess Mette-Marit sobs for hero stepbrother Trond Berntsen | Daily Mail Online

Much of what I've gathered over the years about MM has been gossip. How she came to Australia as an exchange student, started various post-school educational programmes with an eye to going to university, didn't complete any of them, drifted into a pretty wild scene (or as wild as anything in Norway is going to get) and had a child while doing a spot of waitressing. Her son Marius is now 21 (this month) is in the US and some girls regard him as rather gorgeous.

At the time of the marriage to Haakon in 2001, many older, more conservative Norwegians didn't like her background at all (there was a bit of drug-taking among friends and acquaintances of MM and her ex boyfriend and of course there was Marius to contend with as well.) Mette Marit went on national TV before the wedding and was tearful and explained that she'd been wild but had now got over it, and I have to say both she and Marius's father have really knuckled down in the years since Marius's birth.

The Norwegian royal house apparently didn't have any objections to MM. King Harald and Queen Sonja are very lenient and tolerant because they had to wait for about 100 years before they were allowed to wed, and there's a fair bit of eccentricity in the family anyway, with Marthe, Haakon's sister, being very New Age and believing in Angels on your shoulders and such. Her ex husband, Ari Behn, an author, wasn't really what you'd expect a Scandi princess to marry either, and he's got an odd background as well.

Apparently after meeting briefly on the odd occasion at music festivals and such, Mette Marit and Haakon met at the Quart Rock festival and started dating. Haakon was and is goodlooking, and apparently MM was all starry eyed about meeting him. She was stunning herself. Her veil and gown as a bride was absolutely gorgeous in my opinion.

In the years since MM has been to uni and completed a Master's, hooray, and apart from a few eccentricities like flying off to India to babysit a couple's children because she felt sorry for them, and she and Haakon getting into a bit of trouble a few years back about borrowing a wealthy acquaintance's yacht for a short holiday (a no no for the downto earth Norwegians) she hasnt caused much controversy.

 There was a lot of gossip about her slipping away to New York a lot several years ago and people on other forums said she had got friendly with a wealthy American male. There was no evidence for that, mind you. For years and years she has had problems with her back and neck which seems to have prevented her from flying much any more and she has been hospitalised at times for this. She was very sporty and outdoorsy when young and she still does some of that skiing, hiking stuff with Haakon.

Unkind people, but not me, have hinted that sometimes when a duty comes up she doesn't want to do MM develops really bad neck pain. Haakon is very tolerant and like his dad and still absolutely adores her. Her daughter Ingrid Alexander seems a lovely girl but people keep saying that her younger brother is spoiled or has something wrong with him. Again no proof.

I believe had she lived longer Queen Mary would have been the best mentor for Charles as she was the Queen's mentor.
Princess Gabriella and Jacques attended Circus Festival | Newmyroyals & Hollywood Fashion

On January 21, 2018, Prince Albert II of Monaco, Princess Stephanie of Monaco, Princess Gabriella of Monaco, Crown Prince Jacques of Monaco and Pauline Ducruet attended the 42nd International Circus Festival held at the Chapiteau of Monaco (Chapiteau de l'Espace Fontvieille) in Monte Carlo in Monaco.

Those children are so cute & it shows in their happiness.   :wub:
Diana Princess of Wales / Re: Princess Diana - Pics & Videos - Part 4
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Yes Diana did the right thing. You can see her looking back & saying something but was ushered on.
Some people just know it when they meet & some need years to convince themselves. I hope Bea doesn't go for a distant cousin as many royals have.
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