Author Topic: The Royal Woman who spends more on clothing than the Duchess of Cambridge  (Read 32 times)

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The Royal Woman who spends more on clothing than the Duchess of Cambridge ? Royal Central

Pick a lady, pick a royal family, no matter who you choose there is no doubt to be some debate about how much she is spending on her wardrobe. The Duchess of Cambridge is a favourite for people to gawk at, yet why do we do it? It is her money to spend on the clothing she wishes. Are we envious of her good fortunes and wish we could have the same? Her outfits aren?t coming from the taxpayer, so other than lusting after the last pair of nude pumps she wore, the cost should not concern us.

Except that her outfits do come from the taxpayers as does everything else she has.

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Queen Rania?s husband, King Abdullah II, has an estimated net worth of around $750 million from stocks and investments including a soccer team, his own vodka, restaurants and a Star Trek theme park. The Jordanian Royal Family is a constitutional monarchy, so the government will fund them, but why are no personal expenses used for the finer luxuries?

A Muslim king has investments in a company that produces vodka? That's is interesting.
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