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Only the DM could turn a happy engagement into the false sympathy for the "spinster elder sister". Beatrice should not be under pressure. You can get married as late as your 40s and still have children. Of course the likes of DM is now going to put pressure on her with their implied digs at her lack of a fiancee.

I know I am being terribly unreasonable but I do think that a man should be able to propose within 5 years of a relationship. If they keep "studying you" for too long, it makes me think they are not that interested. I certainly would not have the patience of a Kate Middleton for example, waiting for nearly a decade for the ring???
Dutch Monarchy / Re: Queen Maxima in Davos
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I have always had the suspicion that BRF is a bit snobbish about events involving other European royals. They are more likely to send a senior member for a funeral than for a wedding for example where Sophie is the go-to rep.

However, I agree Maxima is doing a great job. It is always good to make use of the opportunities of being in such a privileged position.
Charles I: King and Collector review ? majestic collection fit for an unfit king | Art and design | The Guardian

Just for a moment the tapestry of grandeur parts to reveal the brutal truth. Armies clash on an English field in a chaos of smoke and horses. From under a furled flag peers the grey, dead face of the monster Medusa, snakes writhing on her severed head. This hideous face and the armies behind it suggest all is not well with the British monarchy. In the foreground stands the young crown prince, Charles I?s eldest son. Still barely a teenager when this was painted in the early 1640s, he is portrayed by William Dobson with the proud bearing of a war leader. The painting prophesies that he will become a fearsome fighter. Like Medusa?s head that turned those who looked upon it to stone, his royal eye will petrify his enemies.
Lady Amelia Windsor in all-black at Paris Fashion Week | Daily Mail Online

She has walked the runway for the likes of Dolce & Gabbana, and today Lady Amelia Windsor showcased her style credentials once again at Paris Fashion Week.

The Duke of Kent's granddaughter, who is signed with Storm modelling agency, was spotted in a chic black ensemble at the Giorgio Armani Prive Haute Couture Spring Summer 2018 show.

The 22-year-old Edinburgh University student turned fashion muse donned a textured black jacket and wide-legged trousers as she rubbed shoulders with fashion legend Roberta Armani, the niece of the legendary designer.

Amelia, who was dubbed Britain's 'most beautiful royal' by society bible Tatler, added a subtle pop of colour to her look with a pair of scarlet heels and matching chain handbag.
Prince William shows off thicker hair at London event | Daily Mail Online

He made headlines when he debuted his newly-shorn head at an engagement last week.

But it appears Prince William might already be having second thoughts about his dramatic new look.

The Duke of Cambridge, 35, was spotted sporting longer and thicker hair on his sides at a public engagement today, in a sign he might let the style grow out slightly. 

Award-winning celebrity hairdresser Jason Collier said it is 'not surprising' William could be having regrets over his bold new look, explaining that buzzcuts are a deceptively high-maintenance style. 
Queen Victoria?s animals - History Extra

As an ardent animal lover, Queen Victoria kept many pets over the course of her lifetime. From her beloved dog Dashy, to a parrot that would beg for money??, her royal household was playground to a variety of animals. Here, Richard Sugg explores the diminutive monarch?s fondness for pet-keeping, as well as some of her more exotic animal encounters?
I've always felt that Dave 'the Smiler' used Beatrice for his own ends for years. Nothing nicer than a 'real' Princess on your arm when you are schmoozing foreign clients for the Branston Co. he worked for. Then, when Dave moved to the US and got a job with Uber, Beatrice's usefulness was over, and he moved on.

There were rumours a couple of years ago when Eugenie and Jack went to Balmoral that they wanted to become engaged, that Beatrice wanted the same but Dave was hanging back.

I have always felt that if a relationship hasn't moved on to the next level after a year or two of dating, that is, moving in together, talk of an engagement with a definite date, then it tends to drift and love can recede into habit.

 It was different with Bea to a certain degree as she was so young when she and Dave began dating. However after about five years with no talk of marriage then I think the writing was on the wall. He always smiled sweetly but I just got the feeling in those last year's that Dave wasn't really into her.

It often occurs that a relationship drifts on for a decade, then it breaks up over something or other and the man then quickly moves on and gets engaged and married quickly to someone else. Heard of it happening lots of times.
Diana Princess of Wales / Re: Princess Diana - Pics & Videos - Part 4
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Dawn2.0 @dawn_brunk

January 24, 1985: Princess Diana on skiing holiday in Malbun, Liechenstein.

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Lady Diana Forever @OurLadyD1

(If you know what I mean.)
The press picks on the York girls & Dave had no objection to marriage since he has since married. It seems it was Bea who had the objection. Time always tells & the truth eventually comes out.   :nod:
Twitter users sympathise with single Princess Beatrice | Daily Mail Online    

While im sure it stung having 10 years taken up by a guy who left and married someone else shortly after refusing her ultimatum, in the long run, shes better off finding out now, than catching him in bed with someone else down the road. BTW guy looks like a smug tosser, but that could be the DM looking for a picture like that.

Id say William declaring him indiscreet was a red flag she should have picked up on and could have saved years of wasted time.
I have to agree @Duch_Luver_4ever that it was better for the couple to have ended their relationship now. I'm just very sorry for her that she had invested so many years in the relationship only to have him become engaged to another woman so quickly. That hurts.

Yes I agree that her cousin likely saw something that Dave revealed awhile ago and that it was a red flag. However as we both agree, it was better to have it end now rather than after an engagement or marriage. (I must confess that as a mom, I just want to give her a hug and tell her she's better off without him. However I do believe for all of their faults that Andrew and Sarah love their daughters very much and will be supportive.)

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