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Today at 12:31:05 PM by snokitty
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Tudorscribe: Writing Fiction & Nonfiction About the 16th Century: Furness Abbey: From Glory to Ghost-Haunted Ruins
This is the latest in a series devoted to the monastic ruins of England. My trilogy, The Crown, The Chalice, and The Tapestry, is set in the 1530s and early 1540s; the main character is a young Dominican novice at a priory facing destruction.

The novels are thrille
Today at 09:05:21 AM by LouisFerdinand | Views: 89 | Comments: 0

Princess Margarethe (future Queen Margarethe II) of Denmark and her sister Princess Benedikte     
In 1946 Princess Margarethe was a Saint Lucia girl.     
In Denmark the Day of Lucia is December 13th.       
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Today at 08:30:42 AM by snokitty
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Prince Bernhard discussed his 2013 battle with Lymphoma recently in NRC Handelsblad, the Dutch daily evening newspaper. “My world collapsed,” stated The Prince. He went on to say: “I knew that giving up was not an option. I wanted to see my children grow up.”
Today at 07:12:35 AM by snokitty
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Castle Pix ‏@Castle_Pix
Pidhirtsi Castle is a castle-fortress in the village of Pidhirtsi in western Ukraine, constructed between 1635–1640.
Commonly known as "Dracula's Castle", Bran Castle is a national monument and landmark in Romania.
Château de Chillon is an island castle located on Lake Geneva that is among the most visited c
Today at 05:56:23 AM by LouisFerdinand | Views: 63 | Comments: 0

Henry Ernest (1716-1778) was Count of Stolberg-Wernigerode from 1771 to 1778.   
During his father's lifetime he enlarged the hymnology department of the Count's library. He collected and composed himself almost 400 hymns.   
Henry Ernest also published some poetry.
Today at 04:35:53 AM by snokitty
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Spain's King Felipe VI on Monday honoured Sephardic Jews who were banished more than five centuries ago during the Inquisition, after a law allowing dual citizenship for their descendants came into force.

The legislation aims to correct what the Spanish government calls the "historic mistake" of the country's monarchs Isabella and
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